Friday, November 8, 2013

MRI brings clarity? Ha!

Just got off the phone with Dr. Robertson, and the results are....  boring?

The MRI from today shows that the tumor has not grown, but it also has not shrunk.  It's sitting tight.  That's a good thing, we think.  Right?

So.  That's not exactly good, but that's not exactly bad.

Dr. Robertson is going to present the results to the tumor board in the next few weeks, and see what they think regarding next steps.  Cancer grows, but now cancer is not growing.

So we're in a positive place.

Life in Casa de Strzalkowski has been great.

Things are really, really doing well for me at work, which is a smashing change of events.
Anya has really taken some great steps in reading, sight words, and math...and we're loving that. She truly loves each day she gets to go to school, and is so excited about each and every opportunity to learn, even though it doesn't come as easy to her as some.

Amie gained a pound this month, even though she had 21 days of chemotherapy over the past 28.  She's happy, energetic, fun, smart and always wanting to have her hand in everything we're doing right now.

Shelley is doing her best to keep an even keel with things, and enjoying every moment she can with the girls.  Yoga, knitting with friends, spending a few spare minutes talking with me....all good stuff.

As you can see from the pictures, Amelie's hair is getting wicked long.  I'll do a post soon with lots of new pictures.  For now, you'll have to sate yourself with this one.

No new news really.  Cancer isn't growing, isn't shrinking.  They're going to start another round of chemo next Tuesday with the same protocol, unless they don't.

Hope all is well!