Thursday, June 19, 2014

What a week...what. a. week.

What an absolutely surreal week.  Truly.

Here's a few highlights:

  1. We were still in school today, and it is June 19th.  June 19th.  When I first started teaching, we were always out of school by the end of the first week of June.  There's nothing like teaching in khakis that are wet to the touch from sweat.  I was going to say moist to the touch, but that would be uncouth.
  2. We lost power for 2.5 hours on day 1 of final exams, and had to sit in the dark for several hours.  When the power didn't come back on, we bussed the kids to the HS to eat, as we have such a high percentage of kids who get the majority of their meals at school.  As soon as we left, the electricity came back on.  We came back to have two more hours at school.  
  3. An article about Amie was in the Livingston Press and Argus on Wednesday.  That article then got picked up on Thursday by the Detroit Free Press.  That article (with modifications) then got picked up by, due to the inclusion of the Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 participants.
  4. We were tentatively approved by Make-A-Wish for our request to go to the Aulani resort in Hawaii.  There's a bunch of stuff that could derail it, but as of right now, we're headed there for 5 days in about 3 weeks.  Crazy.

Yeah...  what a week.  What. A. Week.

....and we got the results of our Spinal Tap back and we're happy/proud/elated to announce that Amie's cancer has not spread to her spinal fluid.  YAY!  That is a giant thing.  Massive.  Huge.  

There's a TON of things I could write about, but honestly, I just want to run around and celebrate and not be writing at the moment.  Please excuse me, Shelley and I need to dance around a bit.

<Insert Counter-Argument Figure on Shoulder>  To temper our enthusiasm, it might be appropriate to note that having a clean Spinal Tap means that we're going to have another 6 months of bone-blistering chemotherapy starting soon...  Amie will lose all her hair again, be in the hospital for days/weeks on end, and that will go on for the remainder of 2014.  It will be awful.

<Kicking Counter-Argument to the Curb.  PUNT!>  But that's all about next month.  Let's focus on now.  Now?  We've got something to celebrate.  Amie's cancer has not spread.  I'm done with school after noon tomorrow.  TONS of people are reading about Amie in newspapers and websites across America.

Tonight's for the good stuff only.

As a final moment, here's a picture from the fundraiser Shannon did for us almost two weeks ago.  So many good shots, y'all need to go give her more of your business. woo!