Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2 in a row? What the heck?

Good Tuesday evening to all ladies and gents, boys and girls.

We come to you tonight having seen the results!

Ok, maybe not me, but Shelley was able to see the actual MRI results on a computer screen tonight, with Dr. Robertson.

When they view the results, they view them side by side, to give the best comparison.  Shelley was able to do that tonight, and here’s the paraphrase of her report to me:

  • The tumor was demonstrably smaller, possibly as much as 30% smaller than last time.  
  • Note that the last MRI showed a significant decrease as well, with the radiation starting to really kick in.
  • The tumor was less dense, and more broken up, which means that the chemo and radiation are both working.

Moving forward, provided that Amie’s blood counts are adequate come the week of the 28th, we’re going to get another full round of the Ifosfamide that likely caused her to seize 4 weeks ago.  The evidence is that the Ifosfamide is a direct threat to Rhabdo, so they’re going to use it, and pre-medicate Amie against seizures.  Yay for threats. Boo for seizures.

So, what the hell!  That’s two really positive MRIs in a row.  One could get used to this kind of thing.

Of course, this is all a wicked good news.  Dare I begin to believe positive thoughts?

Other stuff…. 

Amie is turning 4 years old this week!  This is actually the first birthday that she hasn’t been in the hospital since her 1st.  (Am I jinxing anything by noting that?  Hopefully not.)  We’re really, really hoping that we don’t end up in the hospital this weekend.  :)

I have a ton more stuff I’d like to write about, comment on, riff on, and the rest…  but I don’t feel like writing right now.  SO.  

I’m going to sign off, and write a blog post later this week with more more more.

A few last thoughts tho:
  • Jillian’s marathon is on Sunday, on my birthday.  So looking forward to going down into Detroit to watch her, maybe check out a few places with the girls, and have an overall great time.
  • Cranbrook is once again shutting down for cancer kids on Saturday, Amie’s actual birthday, and we’d love to go there.  But I think something more important is raising it’s head.  More on that later…
  • Shelley saw a double rainbow today after getting home and hearing great cancer news.  Great sunrise, great sunset, double rainbow….good stuff!