Saturday, January 12, 2013

Everyone's looking for the same thing...

Yes, yes....  I know that I need to write more.  

I know that I need to take the time to do it, especially when we start getting emails inquiring how things are going.

....and REALLY especially when I get guilt-laden calls from the parental units letting me know that a lack of information is not an indication that things are going well, and is not appreciated.

Point taken.

So. Things are going splendidly.  Amelie is eating like an elephant that is recently freed from a famine plagued area.  She is eating buckets of things.  She asks for her first meal approximately 15 seconds after you get her out of her crib.  

Me:  Hi Amie.
Amie:  Daddy!
(2 second pause)
Amie:  Noo-Noos, Daddy. Noo-Noos.  Sauce on.  Cheese on.  Heat up.  Beep Beep.  Mikoway.  
            Done.  Amie cheese on.  Noo-Noos, Daddy.  Noo-Noos.
Me:  Ok, Amie.  Let's get you some noodles.
Amie:  Sauce on?
Me:  Yes, Amelie.  I'll put your sauce on it.
Amie:  Cheese on?  Amie put cheese on?

Now imagine this conversation goes on for roughly 90 minutes, with her commenting on the speed and efficiency with which you are making said food....and then critiquing the food itself....and requesting more.  And requesting ice cream.  And more ice cream.

So yeah, she's eating well.  She bottomed out at 24.4# and is now at 26.8.  Woo!  

Shelley and I went grocery shopping today (thanks parents for watching the kids!) and specifically bought the most fattening popcorn and ice cream for the girls.  I'd say for Amelie, but we can all admit that if we don't give it to Anya she's going to lose her poop.  So it's for the girls.

Medical wise, the change in chemo is doing great stuff for us at home.   As I mentioned, she's eating like crazy (we've been told that's the difference between the Cisplatin/Carboplatin), and her energy is OVERWHELMINGLY increased.  For the last two days, she had her boots on and was playing outside in the mud/muck/snow/sludge that is the common area in front of our condo.  Compared to the girl who sat on our laps for 2 weeks straight, it's amazing.

They're aiming towards admitting us in the hospital this week for round 5 of Chemo, but it all depends on platelet levels.  As they warned us, the carboplatin is really hard on the blood, so she's gotten red blood cells twice, and platelets twice, in the last 10 days.  That's way more than normal.  But you'd never guess it by the way she's acting.  Her platelet levels have to be at 100 on Monday for them to schedule the admit for Wednesday.  They were below 50 on Friday, which is the level for transfusion.  so who knows, but it doesn't look likely.

Not much else going on around here.  I had my student teacher start this week (which is a LOT more work for me in the short term, but should be less work for me in the long term), and Shelley took down the Christmas tree.

We went and saw the movie "The Impossible" today when we were on our date, and it was very good.  It's about the 2004 Tsunami in SE Asia.  There's several personal connections to our world, and it was good to have something to focus upon outside of our lives.  The tsunami hit when I was in my 1st year of teaching, and I remember talking about it often in class.  Shelley also spent 12 weeks in Thailand during and after her Peace Corps time, and talked extensively about how kind and generous the Thai people were.  We both really want to travel there, and possibly live there one day.  Seeing the devastation of the tsunami, and the level to which people struggle to survive in the face of adversity is always a good thing.

Shelley made the comment as we were walking out that it was great to see yet another example of how we are all connected, on how we are all human beings who seek the same things.  I totally agreed....and thought that the above quote really said the same thing in a different way.

This is a tie that a co-worker (thanks, Amy!) gave to me this week.  It was a pic that she ripped off the blog/facebook and used to make the tie.  The cool thing (above how cool the tie is) is that I was already wearing a purple dress shirt, so it totally matched.  The kids in the classes really dug the tie.  Woo!

Amelie is silly.  I do crazy stuff like put garbage baskets on my head.  Now she does it.  I love that I've corrupted her.

Shelley and I went shopping for glasses for her.  Here are her two final choices:

The above picture is MY favorite choice.  It has a lime green inside, which you can occasionally see when she turns her head off a straight on look.  They are the BEST.

Here are the 2nd choice.  They are fancy on the sides, and purple-y in front.  They are totally fine.  But they lack the panache and style of the first pair.

Shelley needs to know what you think.  Feel free to email her...especially if you want to tell her how rocking she looks in the first pair.  :)

I love this picture so much.  Thought it was a great way to end the post.  Night Night!