Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heeeerrrrrrrrreeeee's Shelley!

Hi All, It's Shelley this time around.  

We'd hoped that Amie's blood counts would be good enough for her to be admitted today for her 5th round of chemo.  Unfortunately, they were not, and they'd gone down since Monday instead of up, so we are back for another blood draw on Friday to make sure she doesn't need any transfusions.  Our new target date for admit is next Wed.  

Amie is doing great.  As we said before she's been eating with gusto and her weight today was up to 27lbs!  Her energy is really good and she is back to playing all day long and just enjoying being a kid.  She's still at little "tippy" as she says, but otherwise right now is the closest she has been to before she had the surgery.  

We also had another audiology appointment today and the results remained the same, as we expected they would, since they changed the chemo drug that was causing the hearing loss for round 4 of chemo.  Amie has minimal hearing loss of high tones not needed for speech in her left ear.  

So that leaves us with this next week to enjoy having Amie full of energy and fun.  I've got ice cream for breakfast, lots of crafts, some playing and just being silly on my calendar.