Friday, April 26, 2013

Ne me quitte pas, mi amore (as Ms. Spektor is serenading me right now)

Captain Overscheduled here, checking in.

We had our first real checkup this week, and Shelley wanted me to do a blog post to fill people in on what they said.

Firstly, everything is totally within the boundaries of normal, and nothing to worry about.

Amie's counts, however, are lagging behind where they'd hope her to be, in a perfect world.  They're improving, but at a microscopic pace.  So they're having us keep her restricted for another 3-ish months.  That means no gatherings with lots of new people, no communal areas like pools or play centers.    Also, if she gets sick, we get hospitalized again, and that's ultra-poopy.  They're also keeping her port in at least another 3 months.

Also, that means that we're postponing our theoretical June play date at Kensington which we talked about a while ago.  We're just in hang around mode, and enjoying the heck out of each other.

Amelie's hair is totally growing out these days.  It's not easy to see, but she's got a serious layer of peach fuzz all ove her head.  It looks dirty from a distance, as if she has been rubbing soil on her head.  I don't think that's what Shelley is letting her do.

It seems to be growing in MUCH darker than it was before.  We'll see how that goes.  Shelley said that she was a blondie when she was little, and then it morphed later on.  Time will tell.

As Shelley posted on FB, the kids really love mangos.  REALLY LOVE.  I'm sure they're going to have explosive diarrhea from all the fiber, but sometimes you do have to suffer for the things you love.  Shelley surely has to suffer loving me.  :)

I was in Washington DC all week, and boy...8th graders are really exuberant. I loved it....but man I feel old.

Hope all is well with each and every one of you!