Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pukefest 2013... Anyone want tickets?

Amie's energy really masks how tenuous her health is.  She does such a good job masking it with that explosive 2-year old energy, that I forget about her being sick.  Of course, her hair and her head scars are a damned good reminder, but there are moments where I just lapse into fun/crazy Daddy and start tossing her around.

But this past 9 days have been a pretty vivid reminder of the fact that she's on a road to recovery, and not recovered.  NOT recovered.  

Those of you connected on FB saw that we had a really brief hospitalization 8 days ago, last Saturday night.  Amie puked on the way to my parent's house in Luna Pier, and then again when she was there.  I was being overly optimistic, and didn't head home.  She was fragile, but playful for the rest of the day...and then spiked a fever later in the evening.  

Shel headed to Mott, where they cultured her blood and observed her for a few hours....and then sent her home.  They said that her counts were good enough that she should be able to fight off the little stuff, and they'd call us back if it was anything alarming.

She seemed to have bounced back for a few days, and these next few pics are from M-Tues where she was happy and not-fragile.

By Wednesday however, we were back sick.  No fever this time, but fragile and not interested in eating for the most part.  When she was interested, she'd puke it all up all over the place.  Meal after meal.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Puke-o-rama.  More puking than all the rounds of Chemo combined.

But Mott isn't concerned.  They said her body needs to work it out on its own.  That itself is a nice framework of confidence, but still slightly scary as a parent.  She can't summon the energy to walk, and just wants to be held all day....but no need to go to hospital.  Not that I'm complaining, it's just strange hanging out in between sick and well.

She held down all her meals today, but still wanted to be held and watched a lot of shows today.  Onwards and upwards, right?

We've got the first of our 3-month MRI's on Tuesday, and hoping that Amie stays on the path of wellness that she's on so that we can make that happen.  I sure want to make sure that she's on the same path, plus canceling it will most likely impact our budding travel plans for June.

Hope all is well out there in the real world.  Us peeps over here are hunkered down, seeing if we can outlast the storm.