Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nuthin' to say but good stuff...

Greetings All,

Firstly, I apologize to any blog-only readers who aren't also on FB.  I realize that we did not update the blog after Amie's last MRI, and left those of you who aren't on FB out in the dark.

Amie's MRI came back clean and clear, and we've got a summer to celebrate.  Next check is due just before school goes back into session.  Woo!

Anya turned 6 last week as well.  It was a calm and quiet day, with Anya guiding the proceedings.  She's got a lot of crazy when she's around me, but delete me from the daily goings on and she's often a little version of Shelley.  She knows what she wants, what order she wants it in, and is very specific about how well crafted she wants the end result to be.  Lots of crafting, lots of drawing, scissors, glue sticks and fun fun fun.  Of course, she might just be a little bossy, but what 6 year old isn't?  Considering the chaos she's undergone this year, can you fault her for wanting things to turn out a specific way?

The girls play this game, often when we are driving around, that I refer to as Poof.  They like to "poof" things, as in use their magic wand to change things on each other.  I will at times jump into the fray, but most of the time I just let them poof each other.  Amie will poof Anya into a dog, and Anya will poof her into a turtle.

As I was driving today, I "poofed" Anya's hands off.  I told her she couldn't poof them back because she had no hands.  Without missing a beat she looked at Amie and asked for Amie to poof her hands back.  Amie did it instantly, and then they poofed me into a turtle.  I was driving, and asked them what I was supposed to do now that I had no hands and I was driving.  Amie told me to drive with my legs, as she had seen me do that before, while handing her something in the back seat.  Fun stuff.

Only one week left teaching, and then this wacky and chaotic year is done.  I need some serious decompressing after all of this.  I just looked.  Out of my 60 possible FMLA days, I only used 15.  Not sure how I survived all of that, but I do know that it's all a massive blur.

I'll do a post this week sometime with a massive bunch of pictures.  Amie's hair is now long enough that it can get all wacky and poky.  It's now longer than mine when I get it cut by Ms. Shelley.  I need also to do some shots of Anya's artwork.  She's getting really good.

More to come in the days ahead...