Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Greetings All, and hope this freezy cold winter hasn't driven any of you more insane than I.

Here is my pledge:
  • I will not complain even once all summer about how hot it is, no matter the heat.
  • I will spend enormous amounts of time outside this summer, with my children, soaking up the sunshine.
  • I will ride my bike as much as I possibly can this summer.
  • I will become the lizard that I am inside, basking in the heat.
I am so done with winter.  

Anyway, remember on the last post when I said that we were heading towards the next round of chemo, back near Valentines Day?  Well...  we haven't started it yet.

Amelie's platelets have been really, really low.  Like crazy, abnormally low.  They have always bounced back decently fast after a round of chemo, but this time it didn't.

They were unsure as to why, as it could be her body developing leukemia (not good!), it could be her body just responding slowly, or interactions between the chemo and the antibiotics she takes every day to keep her infection free.

So, we've waited. 

The numbers have risen slowly, and they're confident that it's not leukemia. (GOOD!)  They discontinued the antibiotics she's been on for the last year, and are switching over to a new one that is inhaled, and lasts for 3 weeks.  Amelie did not like that process yesterday, and we'll try again on it next week.

They're looking to start the next round of chemo next week some time, it looks like.  Who knows.  

Our next MRI is scheduled for 3/31, although I have my doubts if they'll do it that day because she'll be mid-cycle on chemo that day.  

We didn't want to update anyone without knowing what was what, so we went radio silent for a few weeks.

For those of you who want to see, here are some pics of the girls as of late.

A former co-worker at BHS is pregnant with twin girls, and it looks like they're going to arrive early.  
I took this picture of Anya with her friends dressed in her former preemie outfits.  I thought it was pretty cool to see the difference between what size she was when she was born (3lbs 5 oz) and where she is at now....and yes, she did fit into all of those outfits, and most of them were gigantic on her when she first popped out.

Anya is a budding artist.  She loves loves loves to create.
This was her making a bird's beak, and acting like a bird.  I proceeded to feed her worms through the hole.  At least imaginary worms.  We don't actually eat meat, silly!

This is how long Amelie's hair has gotten...she can do an elaborate ponytail scheme!
But she'd have to be pretty patient to leave it there.

More news when we have it, people.
Stay warm, and do a Sun Dance for me.  I NEED HEAT SOON.