Monday, April 14, 2014

This much I know is true....

A long time ago, in a life I barely recognize, I read a book with that name.  I remember, vaguely, that I enjoyed it.

It seemed an apt title and frame to this post.

I've been crazy busy with work for the past 2 months, so I've avoided blogging.  Hopefully, y'all got some snippets of Amie's journeys through FB.  For those who aren't on there, I apologize.

Here's a list of the facts I know to be true:

  • Amie's counts have been horrific for most of the last 2 months, and we've kept her in home for most of that time.  Middle of winter, middle of the worst winter I've ever lived, and we didn't leave the house much.  Yeah.  I'm a bear.
  • It's sometimes easy to forget you have cancer as a house guest.  When there are no gastro-intestinal explosions, potty training is working well, hair is growing, and you go to work each can actually forget that your daughter has cancer for a few spare moments.
  • 8th graders who are away from home can act in ways that truly impress you, and make you want go all Moses and part the Red Sea for them.  Others?  You want to chuck them off the top of the Washington Monument.  Most of them are great.  2%?  eh gads.  Of course, if 96% of the kids you take to DC with you are great, you win.  win. Win!
  • As Ben Franklin said, house guests and fish grow stale after three days.  What about 18 months?  This cancer stuff sucks.
  • A 3-year old and a 6-year old can be best of friends and then utter enemies minutes away from each other.
  • Amie's counts were out of this world last week, and we brought her out of the "bubble" that we keep her in.  To the Pool! To the Park! To family! TO ANYWHERE!  
  • We've got our next MRI on Friday.
  • Spring Break starts on Friday.
I'll do a picture post in the next few days.  Just wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the state of things.
Hope y'all are in shorts, sandals, and enjoyin' the sun...whenever it next appears.