Sunday, March 17, 2013

All Quiet on the Homefront

Greetings All,

Firstly, I apologize for the long length of time it's been since I last posted.  Life, Parent-Teacher conferences, and school stuff has derailed me extensively.

A recap of sorts, for those not connected to us on FB.  
  • We got out of the hospital and came home last Sunday, March 10th.  They were very impressed with how well Amie had done with the chemotherapy, and that none of the negative consequences has manifested.  We, of course, loved that too.  I grabbed Anya on the way home, and we had a massive party for everyone.  Amie gave everyone else a thumbs up on the way home.

  • We went into the clinic on Tuesday and got platelets and red blood cells.  It was a long day for all involved, but Amie was in good spirits.  No infections, no side effects.
  • Friday got her platelets again, but no red blood.

As we move forward over the next few weeks, they're keeping with the Tuesday/Friday schedule in clinic, and looking for her blood to stabilize.  

They've asked for us to keep her in seclusion for another 6-9 weeks or so, just to make sure that she doesn't interact with any strange bacteria, fungus or anything else while her immune system rebuilds.

Also, they've roughly scheduled two MRIs for us, one this Tuesday and one in early June.  They're going to keep doing this MRIs as time goes on, and as long as things don't come back, they'll get spread out more and more.

Once we get a little further out, and they're sure we're in the clear, they'll start conversations about removing the Broviac and the original port.  We'd LOVE for the Broviac to be removed, because it's a massively huge pain the butt for Amie on a daily basis....but we're patient people these days.

So for now, we're quiet and we're all good.  Nothing much going on except keeping things simple and letting the girls play together as much as possible.
As a warning of a future event, we're going to do something in June, once we're past MRI #2 (and assuming that will be clear) where we invite people out to Kensington Metropark on a weekend.  We'd love to have anyone/everyone show up and play, ride bikes, go to the petting zoo, and all other sorts of outside fun stuff.  No presents, just a celebration of life, love, support, fun and all that.  No dates chosen right now...just a warning of a plan.

I'll update the blog when there's news, but assume if you don't hear anything that things are quiet, good, boring....perfect.