Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No new pictures, but new news...

Greetings All,

Captain Over-caffeinated reporting for duty here at 11:04pm on Tuesday night, March 5th.

Good news #1 is that we were officially cleared from having C. Diff.  The more we researched it, the more we desperately hoped it wasn't what was causing the poops, and it's not.  The results came back initially that she had antibodies for it, but the conclusive lab tests proved that she does not have it.

To celebrate, Amie and I took some really long, nice walks around the unit today, and have a blast doing so.  There's a lot of hallways around here that intersect.  Every time we reach one, I stop and wait for Amie to tell me where to go.  We did that for about 45 minutes tonight.  It was a blast.

Have I told you about Amie speaking Spanish?  I'm sure I've talked about how little TV she watched prior to last September....and now that we're spending so much time in bed, she's a maniacal little addict.  Much of what she's watching is Diego and Dora.

We were on a stroller ride last week and she said "Daddy....rapido rapido....fast fast Daddy, Rapido!"  I was totally blown away.  She also used "abre"correctly when she asked me to open the door.  Man...the sponge stuff still blows me away the 2nd time.

Good news #2 is that we were told from Dr. Yanik that the plan from here is to wait and see what happens.  We will ride out this hospitalization, and then have an MRI 30 days after the stem cell rescue.  We're currently at Transplant +7 (that's how they refer to it).  At transplant +30 (roughly March 28th), we'll do another MRI to track growth.

Assuming nothing is there, they'll let things chill until Transplant +100.  That is roughly June 10th, finals week for me at school.  They'll do another MRI and make decisions at that point.

As you can imagine, both things are  quite good news.  There's no magic wand in this thing, but it sure looks like we've found a little pile of magic dust.  Just hoping and counting on it not being pocket lint.

Night all.