Thursday, March 28, 2013


It's been 11 days since we posted, and for 10.5 of them, we had blissful play, peaceful sleep, and a really amazing homelife.

Then came last night.

I wish I could have recorded the scene as it occurred last night and shown it in a reproductive health class.

Scene:  Jason's Living Room.

  Jason and Amelie are on the couch.  Amelie is shivering, while being wrapped in a blanket in Jason's lap.  Shelley takes Amelie's temperature, and it's 100 degrees.  That's cause to call the hospital.

Shelley calls.  They want us to come in, but stop at Howell St. Joes first to do a blood draw and get a first dose of antibiotics.

Jason picks Amie up, and walks towards the bedroom to put warmer clothes on her for the ride.  Amelie begins to vomit on Jason.  Fountains of vomit that land squarely on his collarbone, and run into his sweater.  Shelley, detesting vomit tries to help but is ordered by Jason to retreat.

Amelie continues to vomit on Jason, for a third...fourth...fifth time.  Amelie looks at Daddy and says, "Daddy...shirt dirty".  She continues to vomit a few more times.  Puke is running down his chest, onto his pants, and even in his underwear.

Jason looks at the camera and says, "Still want a cute little baby?"

Of course to me, this is nothing.  This is minor.  I know that vomit and poop and all the rest of the stuff can be washed off, and therefore doesn't matter at all.  But I bet there'd be some traction with a video like that.  :)

So we went to St. Joe's Howell, and then was moved to Mott via ambulance.  I was dropping Anya off at Grammies, and met them down there afterwards.

They treated us in the ER and moved us to a room on 7E around 12:30am.  I left soon after to set up my classroom the next morning.

Flash forward to today:  Amie's feeling great, but we learn that we have a central line infection.  Apparently the labels on the blood draws from St. Joe's Livingston were jacked, and they don't know WHICH part of the central lines are infected.  We have the port and the two parts of the broviac.  One part is infected, two parts are fine.

We're assuming that the broviac is the problem, and have scheduled its removal for 9am tomorrow morning.

If the labs come back that the port is the problem, we'll have to make some decisions, but sure hoping it isn't that....

So that's where we're at.  If the infection grows, it could get bad.  But we're hoping that tomorrow's surgery to remove the broviac, and then a follow up course of antibiotics will clean everything up.  If not, we'll figure that next part out with the help of the Docs.  :)

Have a great Easter everyone.