Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Private Shelley Strzalkowski, reporting for duty

Hi All,

This is Shelley tonight.  We had some good news and wanted to share it with everyone.  Amie had her hearing test today, to follow up on the chemo that she recieved while in the hospital last week, and the results were awesome.  She has experienced no new hearing loss!

To top that off, the testing they did today showed no hearing loss at all in her right ear.  The audiologist explained that there can be a false positive in the testing but not a false negative and that the damage, once done is permanent (so it wasn’t that Amie’s body healed since the last test).  Yay!  I needed a little bit of good news thrown my way and for me this was it.  

Until Amie’s counts start coming up, we are spending a lot of time at the hospital.  It makes for long days with one little exhausted girl since everything moves so slowly at the hospital.  This is what this week has looked like/will look like for us:

Mon-blood test, platelet transfusion
Wed- blood test, hearing test, oncology appointment, chemo
Fri- blood test, blood and platelet transfusion, physical therapy

We’ve also pinpointed her puking to one medication, so I talked with the oncologist about it today and we are done with that one!  Yay!  Hopefully she’ll be able to keep a little food down now and gain back some of the weight that she’s lost over the last week and a half.   

The best part of Amie’s day was an unexpected visit from Auntie Beth while we were in the infusion room.  Amie’s face lit up when she saw her and she was completely speechless with joy.  I’m so grateful that Beth has lots of good tricks for getting Amie to eat and drink little bits here and there as they sang and played together during her visit.  

More to come in the next few days, but Jason is asleep next to me on the couch at 7:36p. That's a record for him, as he usually comes to bed hours after me.

Night all.