Sunday, December 2, 2012

Catching UP!

See that fountain?

Isn’t it pretty?

Imagine it coming from Amelie’s mouth, and replace the water with puke.

Not so pretty anymore, is it?


Yep, we’re in pukefestland these days, and it derailed some plans, and caused us to do a LOT of laundry this weekend.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, because I owe y’all some time on this post, and need to cover some ground.

We got out of the hospital on Thursday night, and as always it was amazing to sleep in our own beds.

As always, Amelie likes to wave goodbye when we're leaving the hospital.

This is Anya's homework.  For Spanish.  In Kindergarten.

Have I mentioned how much I love our school?  I know I'm a heretic for putting my kid in a charter when I teach in public schools, but I just adore the parent buy in, the amount that they hold the kids to higher standards, and all that.  Don't want to gloat, so I'm moving along.

For these two pictures, I'm giving a shout out to the Flaishans family for sending Amie and Anya crafts to do.  The girls loved the stuff, and had fun with them for a few hours this afternoon.  Good stuff!  Amie looks worried here, but that's not the case.  She just hates taking pictures, and makes pained faces when I take them.

We went out and got our tree today, and Shelley got it moving towards her usual amazing end.  Of course, I thought pulling a Vanna on the tree was the best idea.

Notice the lack of pictures from yesterday.  Puke-O-Rama.  I was supposed to go down to Belleville WinterFest to rep the fundraising efforts there...didn't happen.  My parent's friends (and my parents) threw a party for us as well at the Monroe Boat Club last night as well.  

A ton of money was raised, and Shelley and I are both humbled and amazed at the generosity of all of you.  She is officially unemployed as of Wednesday, so it's epically cool that it's happening at the time that it is.

Ok, y'all.  I have more work to do...

Anyone who ever complains about teachers having the summers off, I'd like to know how many of you spend 10+ hours each weekend working, and not getting paid...weekend after weekend.  I always am chagrined when I hear that we have this cakewalk job with summers off.  I easily work more in 36 weeks than most people do in 50.  Whee!