Friday, November 30, 2012

I owe ya a longer post...

...but I graded homework for two hours tonight and I don't have anything else.

We got out last night and had a nice night here tonight.  Amie is on IV fluids tonight, and Anya is asleep in her bed.  We're vegging on the couch.

Tomorrow is two separate events, if anyone is interested.

First is the Mexican Dinner at the Monroe Boat Club, generously hosted by Manuel and Nancy Barbosa.... long, long, long time friends of my parents.

Link for more information:

Also, tomorrow is Belleville WinterFest, in which some people are hosting a booth to support us as well.

Link for more information:

For those of you interested about Winterfest, it kicks off around 3p, and will include a winter parade with lighted floats and the such.  Should be a nice time.  Anya and I will be there from 4-6ish.

Night all!