Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 years later, in a therapist's office...

Oh, my.

Parents, have you ever had a day where at the end, you're sure that 10 years from now, your kids are going to be talking about the decisions you made that day in a therapists' office?

Yeah, today is that day.

Around 2am, Anya came into our room and said that her head hurt, that she was hot, and wanted to sleep in our room.  She laid on the floor in our room the rest of the night, and was obviously getting sick.

Come morning she had a mild fever, a sore throat, and was starting to sneeze and sniffle.

We know that for Amelie to have any hope at moving along on her treatment, SHE CANNOT GET SICK AGAIN.

So...what do we do?  We punted a kid.

Yep, we punted Anya to Shelley's parents...who were more than willing to have her come over there.

She's not "sick" like most people would consider sick, but she's borderline enough that someone with a compromised immune system is definitely at risk.

Yeah, can totally see her saying that she felt abandoned because her illness wasn't a real illness and we cared less.  But it's the next 4-6 weeks that's going to be more important, so we needed to call this one for Amie.


On a positive note, we got a call last night from Dr. Robertson, who apologized for the mix-up with the MRI on Wednesday.  She said that she had pre-authorized them to do the MRI with the recent illness, but the person who needed to hear that didn't, and it got cancelled.  They're going to flex their muscles and get her an MRI this Wednesday.

Dr. Yanik (he's the oncologist who focuses on bone marrow/stem cell issues) is ready for us to do an appt. on Tuesday, and said to expect for the whole shebang to start by the weekend.

...and man does Amelie act differently when Anya's not around.  She's chatty!  Normally, Anya talks constantly...and I mean does not stop talking for hours at a time.  Amie is more of  a fun assistant to her.  When Anya's not around, Amie is just chatting away, and is a really funny kid.

Night All!