Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Greetings All.

I am tired, so this won't be overly long.

I got poked by a photographer friend to take some more "professional" type photos with my DSLR (Cannon 7D), instead of just shooting everything with my iPhone.  Good advice, lazy and overburdened dude.  Here's the pics I shot, or at least the cream as it were.

Those were all shot either Thursday or Friday, before the Chemo started.

As a bit of narrative, for those who aren't connected to us on Facebook, I have a bit more info to share.

We had our MRI last Wednesday.  At the last minute, a former student of mine who works here did a little magic, and got the Friday surgery scheduled in tandem with the Wednesday MRI.  They did both procedures while she was under one anesthetic, and that worked great.

We got the results of the MRI late that night, via email, from Dr. Yanik.  He took the time to email us to let us know that the MRI was once again clean, and that Amie was now officially "In Remission".  We of course are overjoyed at the use of that word.  Not that we're done yet, but it's a nice word.

Friday we admitted to the hospital for the BIG NUKE CHEMO round.  They just hydrated us and gave us rest.  Saturday was the first does of BIG NUKE CHEMO.

Here's how big of a dose/high intensity it was.  We had to change diapers every two hours, for 2 days straight.  We had to give her baths every 6 hours, with vigorous scrubbings.  That was fun at night!

Monday was a day of rest and observation, and today was the stem cell transplant.

They warned us that she would smell due to the chemical preservatives that were used to stabilize the stem cells.  They mentioned that it would smell like creamed corn.  I'd need to talk to Ms. White to see what the specific chemical signature that is being released from her skin, but man.....creamed corn is right.  Super heavy smell of creamed corn in the room right now.  How strange!

The rest of the hospital stay is just like this from now on.  Observe, protect, and treat the symptoms of the BIG NUKE CHEMO as they arise...and they will.

Amie is super lethargic and really grumpy today.  She doesn't want to see anyone, do anything, or even move...just watch Dora.  So that's what she shall do.

I'm going to grab some shuteye for a bit before more people want to poke at her tonight.

Night all!