Sunday, February 3, 2013

Who needs an immune system? (Apparently, Amie does.)

Oh, what a germ filled weekend we have had!

Friday was our 10 year blind date anniversary, as I stated in my last post.  I'd worked out a way for Shelley and I to spend 2 days away from everything, and have a DATE!  Not just a date, but a DATE!

Apparently, the Universe chuckled at that idea.  oh, presumptuous petty humans!  You made plans! Muahaha.

With all that said, Amie got sick on Friday morning with a mild fever, and it has just accelerated since then.  In that same time span, the massive sneezy head cold that I had at the beginning of last week has totally recouped and attacked again.

Those of you who are taking notes can now see that Shelley's been at the hospital for 2 days by herself.  Whee.  But that's getting ahead of ourselves.

At this point, after lots of antibiotics and no reaction from them, they've decided that she has RSV.  We had known what this was because Anya, in her preemie days, got a $1200 a month shot to help her avoid getting RSV for the first 6 months of her life.  I believe the drug was called Synagis.

So Amie has RSV, and it's really not good, but it's not horrible either.  It just has to work itself out of her, with the suppressed immune system that she has.

In order to get out of the hospital, she has to have the following:

  • 48 hours without a fever.  (she had a 103 fever this afternoon)
  • Blood cultures back without bacterial infections (they check daily)
  • White blood count at 500 (it's currently less than .01.  Yes, you read that correctly)
I don't know if I got her sick, if Anya got her sick, or if it just popped from somewhere else, but she's going to be at Mott for a bit, and most likely through the week.

EVEN BETTER, I can't be there until I am well, and she's on lockdown procedures meaning that Shelley can't leave the room (or else she might get something on her) and people can't visit her.   

I'm thinking that Shelley is in lockup, and she's ticked off the guards.  She's got a really, really cute cell-mate though.  She says that having Amie there is great though.

I've been at home for two days trying to get better, drinking tons of fluids and watching tons of episodes of The West Wing (I'm ending Season 4 right now).  The quality is definitely sinking from Seasons 1-3, but I'm OK with it.  

Anya is at Grammie's for the week, so any of y'all who know where that's at and want to visit, feel free. 

I'm off to finish up lesson planning for tomorrow!  Night All!