Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Greetings All,

Today was such a different day for Amelie that I felt it necessary to do the first video in a long time to show you.

The standard practice as of late, while we are in the hospital, is for Amelie to be really lethargic, and demand to watch shows on the iPad.

We know we're weird, we know we're different...but we don't believe as a couple that kids need to watch TV.  For under 3 years old, we had decided on no TV at all.  After 3, we believe it should be very, very limited.

But then the cancer happened, and we got launched into a place we didn't expect.  So Amie watches a lot of Netflix shows, specifically Dora, Diego, Kipper and Calliou.  They're all really mild, and slow(ish) paced.....but we have to live with it.  When she doesn't have energy, it's hard to get her to do anything else.

So that leads to today.  I stayed there last night, and she woke up like normal.  She awoke, and immediately demanded DORA!  I changed her and tried to divert, but got no traction.  I relented after 20+ minutes of that, and she watched TV for 2-ish hours.

However, I kept seeing glimmers of energy, as she was playing with her friends (Baby, Pak-Pak and Penguin) quite a bit while she was sitting there.  Usually, she's just a gelatinous blob while she watches TV.

So I gave her a warning that we were going to stop, and then did at the end of that show.  We moved onto the floor and played with Shelley's multi-sensory box for several hours.  Then we went for a walk for another hour.  Then into the playroom after that.  All together she was playing for 4ish hours.

She watched shows for a bit in the middle, and then wanted to play more.  They took us off the IV tubes from 5-9 tonight, which will be a nightly ritual from now on to promote physical movement, and it was great.

She ran and played and kicked balls and threw things at us and carried her "poke-it stick" (a hockey stick) and then went for a massive walk around the ward.

Without a doubt, she had more physical activity and energy today than she did in the last 3 combined.  it was awesome.

The video isn't fantastic by any means, as I was just letting my phone capture it while I played with her.  But it shows how much energy she has.  So surreal that this day arrived in the middle of what was supposed to be the hardest part.  

It gives a bloke a lot of hope, that's for sure.

Hope all is well, and that each of you enjoyed the snowfall last night.