Monday, February 4, 2013

Let's have a party for the Garzas!

Have I told all of you how awesome my sister and her family are?



Let's talk about that for a bit tonight.

I posted this picture on Friday to Facebook, and it started our weekend journey:

This was roughly 4pm on Friday afternoon.  I had called my sister to ask if she had any interest in taking Anya for the weekend, so that Anya could have some fun and see Charlie and Allyssa.  Not only did she take her, but she met us up at the hospital almost at the same time as we got there, so that Anya didn't have to hang with us in the small hospital room.  

They noticed that she had a ton of extra energy, so they took her to Southland Mall (they live in Riverview...Downriver!), and let her play at the bouncy place to burn off that extra energy.

Busytown Adventures are her favorite for a long time, and seeing Lowly totally made her day.

Allyssa, of course, is a helluva great big sister for Anya.  She let's her sleep with her, and helps her have fun over there.  They provide amazing fun for her, and really help shelter her from the madness of all of this.

They have a membership to the Romulus Athletic Club, the RAC, and wanted to take Anya.  We didn't send a bathing suit, because,'s 10 degrees outside and we don't get to the pool much.  So, Noe (brother-in-law extraordinaire) ran out and went to the store to buy one....and scored a Dora one too.  Amelie will grow into it and love the crap out of that too.  More points!

So that was this weekend.

Now on to today.  I convinced Shelley to let my sister come up there to help for a little bit, as she was already in Ann Arbor.  She hadn't been OUT OF THE ROOM in days.  So Beth came up there, and brought Amie a ton of stuff.

Look how stinking happy this little girl is!  She's shooting glitter out of her eyesockets she's so happy.  She's been trapped in a hospital room with no walks, no playroom, no anything...and she's that happy.

...and Beth watched Amelie while Shelley and I went to Whole Foods (Eisenhower, not Washtenaw).  We saw Ms. Briley (go Linnie!) who had led a fundraiser for us there, and we had some noodles (and Shelley a glass of wine), and it was great.  It seemed to be just what Shel needed.  She bought some stuff to make the hospital stays easier, and relaxed a bit.

On the whole, it was a great day.  I'm staying down in Belleville, and got a bunch of lesson planning done for the GT class.  

Amie did not present a fever all day (woo!) and her WBC (white blood cell) count was up to .2 from .01 the previous day.  I'm totally game for a 20x growth in one day! Woo!  Good stuff!

Time for bed.  Night all!