Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guest Post......starring Miss Shelley!

Hi!  It’s Shelley here doing a guest post for J who is totally swamped with school stuff right now.  I’m not nearly as entertaining as J, but at least I can update you all on the last few days.

Since Amie discharged from the hospital two Sundays ago we’ve been going Mon., Wed., and Fri. to the hospital for blood draws and transfusions.  The platelet transfusions only last 2-3 days and blood transfusions last for 7 days. So she had a blood transfusion on Sunday of two weeks ago and then again this Monday.  She’s had platelet transfusions each time we’ve gone, except yesterday, when we got some happy surprise news that her counts were coming up and that she was healthy enough for the chemo that she gets between inpatient visits.  If all continues to go as they think it will, she’ll be ready to go in next Wed. for her third round of chemo.  This is great given that before her lab results came in Wed. they were anticipating that her counts would not be high enough for her next round of chemo until the day before Thanksgiving (not that we care about her being in the hospital during Thanksgiving, but the sooner she gets the chemo the less chance the cancerous cells are able to grow.)

We’ve had a mixture of days since J last posted.  Some days Amie has been tired and wanting mostly to be held, refusing to eat and barely drinking anything.  Other days have been much better, like yesterday when Amie, filled with joy, ran back in forth yelling “Amie RUN!” for several minutes to start the day off right.  Today, she seemed really tired from the chemo yesterday, but still in good spirits.  

I’ve been to the hospital every day this week.  Some days we were only there two hours, but some were 8 hours long visits.  The best way I can describe the long days is mind numbing.  Amie needs 24/7 entertainment and attention.  I’m unable to do anything (like read a magazine or even knit something simple) to help pass the time.  I go from one entertainment trick to the next and by the time I get home, I am beyond worn out.  Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for every moment I spend with my little girl, but the hours at the hospital lack enjoying the moment and the flow of life at home.  

Okay, enough chatter and on to the good stuff....

Amie wanted to dress up in Anya’s Dorothy outfit today for the first time and Anya (the awesome big sister she is) totally agreed and let her wear her costume.  These little girls were having a good time.

and here is the scrunchy face we love

and if you care to hear a little of Amie’s rendition of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” here ya go...

Take Care All,