Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shelley is Live on the blog! Again!

Hi all, it's Shelley posting tonight.

We didn't end up going in for the third round of chemo yesterday.  They decided to delay it until next Tue., because of Amie's health.  She's had IV fluids at night for the last three nights and wow what a world of difference it does for this little girl.  I wish I could convince her to drink on her own during the day.  At one point, I had 5 sippy cups in the fridge all with different beverages in my efforts to try to find something she'd want to gulp down, but in the end when she does have a sip or two she usually requests water (so much for my attempts to sneak a few extra calories into her).

Yesterday, while we were waiting for the doctor, we were practicing Amie saying her name.  I taped it to share with you.  (Yes, the chair making noise is so much more interesting than repeating everything that mommy says.)

So, today we were at home and it was so good to be home with both of my girls having a regular Mommy Day.  So, I thought I'd share with you a peek into it.  We had a lot of fun since Amie was feeling better than she has in the last two weeks.

Everyday we start of with watching this song together.  The girls are both mastering the words and Amie does the best "strong" ever.  Somedays it makes me cry but, it always helps me to focus on the present and making the best of each day that we have together.

Then on to a little crafting...

It was Anya's first time using the low temp glue gun all on her own.  
She was very careful and so proud to be doing it on her own.

Some colorful toes...Anya chose blue and Amie chose purple.

A little time outside

And if it's a bath night, the evening is always closed with the girls playing "Tiny Baby".

(I had a cute video of Amie saying "goo goo, ga ga" and pretending to be a tiny baby but it showed a bit too much, so you'll have to just imagine our fun night time bath games.)

That's I have for you tonight.  Thank you so much for all your prayers, thoughts, kindness and love that everyone has been pouring our way.  I know that there are many days that they are the only thing that helps me make it through the day.  It means so much to me.


p.s.  Mema (J's Mom) bought Anya stick on decals for her room.  The room has been decal-ified.  She loves it.