Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some things change, some things....

After the last blog post, I made the executive decision to take a day off and get our affairs in order.  Whether those were financial, personal, spatial, emotional, metaphysical or anything else, we felt like we were outa whack, and needed to center ourselves.

We had been given the heads up that we'd be admitted to the hospital after our blood draw on Friday, and we'd be in there the whole weekend again.  Knowing that Anya would be with us on Thursday, and that we might not have all this togetherness for a while, it seemed perfect.

We decided to play around in the morning and then head to East Lansing to have a great meal at Altu's.  This is a restaurant that I've been going to since 1996, and that I introduced Shelley to soon after we started dating in 2003.  The owner Altaye Tadesse (Altu is what she goes by), greets us by name and is amazing.  Her food is beyond perfect for us, and we could eat it daily.  

Anyway, her restaurant keeps morphing...getting bigger, better, and more decorated.  However, since the very first time that I went there with Karpy in 1996, she's had this print hanging in her men's bathroom.

It just made me smile in a really cool way.  Things can change, but others stay the same way forever.  I love having things I can really count the print here, or the spicy lentils at Altu's, or the solace that I find in a perfectly darkened theatre for a movie that I've been waiting ages to see.  

Before we headed to E. Lansing, we played around.  I shot this video that morning.  It's not the best, but it shows how silly and regular Amelie still is, even after all of this.

You can see, if you look again, how little hair she has, and how her incision is healing.  She's lookin' aiight.

I loved this pic I grabbed as well.

So we had a great Thursday, and then ended the night falling asleep early.  

Shelley went to the hospital, and we didn't get admitted the next day!  It was like getting a giant snow day that lasted three days!  Woo!

Last night, now that Amelie didn't have her port accessed at home and she wasn't restricted by the post-op rules, Amelie took a long luxurious bath, or at least as long as a two year old can get their head around.

Take a second to check out her port site.  It was the clearest and most vivid imagery I've captured of it, for those of you who are curious.  

Ok y'all.  It's been a long day already (I worked on grades for 8 hours today.  Want to get off the computer), so it's time to sign off.  We have us some hanging out to do.