Sunday, April 27, 2014

Arrrrrrgh. One eye that's good, and another that's covered

It's been a busy week, that's for sure.

My last post detailed that we're on our way to another brain surgery, and that it was scheduled for Tuesday.

Guess what?  It's tomorrow instead.

I posted this to FB, so my non-FB people are learning about this a little late.  Sorry.

Anyway, back to it!  

We decided to have a little getaway to Kalahari on Thursday and Friday of last week.  I didn't take many pictures, because...well....  I'm a klutz.  A bona fide klutz.  A ruiner of things.  As my kids would say, I'm a breaker and Shelley is a fixer. (although both kids will tell you I can fix my bike, the iPad and breakfast).

I know this about myself, and as Isaiah Thomas would say, "Water and Electricity Don't Mix!", so I left my phone in the room most of the time.

However, I did take one picture that will give some of you a chuckle.  This is what it means to travel with me.

Not included in this picture were the two iPhones as well.  Nor any of Beth's family's stuff.  Just mine.

Since getting back from there, Amie's been pooped as heck, as I imagine tumor is doing a good bit of damage on her.  I've had two sessions like the picture below in the last two days with her.  Good stuff though.

Her walking has deteriorated past anything I could have imagined as well.  The tumor must really be wrecking stuff in there.  As of tonight:

  • She can't walk without bouncing off all walls.
  • She can't stand by herself.

What does that leave her?  Crawling.  She was crawling "like a crab, Daddy" or hopping like a bunny on her knees all over our condo tonight.  Yep.  Cute AND depressing.

To quote a friend of mine today, "I mean, yeah, my Mom is old and I can understand when she can't do something.  But your 3-year old daughter, man...when she can't do something that's the stuff that freaks you out."  Yeah.  100%

So, Amie asked me today to just take her into our bed and snuggle her.  Shelley was packing, and Amie felt "kinda lonely" watching shows on the iPad in her room.  So we went and snuggled.

Mid-way through that, she covered one of my eyes and said, "Look Daddy, you're a pirate.  You've got one eye that's good, and one that's covered."  We played that game for a bit.

As I sign off for the night, and probably until after she starts the surgery tomorrow at 10:30a, I give you my best pirate look.  One eye that's good, and one that's covered.

Good night little one, I hope to see you tomorrow as you wake up.