Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rebuilding normal....

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the sleep deprivation game!

We've got two contestants on today's show!

Just got done talking with the Neurosurgeons.  Amie is looking great, according to them.  She could grasp and manipulate her pacifier, can talk and interact with verbal cues, and has been repeatedly asking for things.  All good things.

She's got quite a road to recovery over the week, with an MRI at 2pm being first priority to make sure that things look as they're supposed to in her head.  They're not expecting anything to be amiss.

Talking to Dr. Maher, they said that the resection went quite well.  He said he got all of the smaller site, and it came off of the brain without much fanfare.  For the other site, which he knew would be far, far more difficult, he was able to remove around 80% of the tumor.  

Just to restate this from previous blog posts, the surgery was not intended to cure her of anything.  It was a measure to remove the tumor as much as possible so that there could be more time for other therapies to take hold and destroy the cancerous areas that remain.

They sent off the chunks of tumor to be analyzed as she heals up, so that Dr. Robertson and team can formulate next steps.  

They said to us last night that the most optimistic steps have possibly run their course, and it's probably going to be time to use some more intensive steps that have possible side effects.  More on that later.

Shelley slept a good portion of the night in bed with Amie and sang her songs.  Amie just wants to be rocked, but she's way, way too fragile for that as of yet, with so many tubes coming out of various places.

Amie's poofy, she's ornery, and overall quite uncomfortable.  But she's Amie. She wants hugs from Daddy, rocks from Mommy, and songs from anyone.  Good stuff.

More as we know it.