Monday, April 28, 2014

Caffeine...the other Vitamin C.

Just got done with a long conversation with Dr. Robertson (oncologist).

Here are a few of the things that we learned:
- Amie did well during the surgery.
- Dr. Maher was able to resect all of the non-threatening tumor that was visible, as well as a significant portion of the threatening tumor.
- Dr. Maher (prior to starting) said that due to the behavior of medulloblastoma, he was not going to be "heroic" in his removal of the tumor, because follow up therapies were going to be absolutely required.
- They went in through the same incision as last time.
- There was a slight problem with a bleed during the surgery, so they were less aggressive than they had originally planned because of that.
- They are closing Amie up right now, and will be another few hours until we get to see her.

We are thankful for everyone's thoughts, prayers, wishes of health and happiness, good vibes, food deliveries, random jokes, and all other offerings. 

This is Amie's balloon she brought to Big Bird 11 days ago...and is still here.  Such good stuff.

Just an update on the big board....Amie's still the winner!

This is what the pediatric surgical waiting room looks like at the end of the day.  Earlier?  Jam packed.

More later when we know it. Like the T-Shirt I saw earlier, Caffeine...the other Vitamin C.