Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebrity Encounter!

Amelie got out of her bed today, and laid for many hours in our arms.  She LOVED it, although she really didn't like the back and forth a bit.  Got to endure a little pain to get to the pleasure, right?

Shel was first up, and listened to a book (The Fault of Our Stars) while Amelie slept in her arms.

Later on, Shel found a Hello Kitty tile, and of course for Ms. Anya we had to take a picture of it.

Amelie was sleeping on my lap and I was all here's a terrible picture of me, but one in which you can see Amie clearly, and see the glorious bow on her head.  Ed Strzalkowski would be proud.

Shelley asked Amelie if she wanted to find a bow to put on her "hat", and she said "DOW", and then pointed at the bow that was on the present that was delivered to our room today.  It's been on her head for the last 5 hours now, and she keeps patting her head and saying "Bow" "Hat".  She's already getting high maintenance and she's not even 2.  Sheesh!

Another small story to end the post... I was in the Ronald McDonald House folding the laundry we had just washed and a group of obviously well dressed people walked in, on a tour.  A woman walked asked me if I was enjoying the accomodations at the Ronald McDonald House.  I replied that it was the thing that was keeping us put together, because the ability to walk less than 2 minutes and be able to get good sleep for a bit was the single biggest reason we were still sane in the midst of this craziness (I'm making myself seem way, way more eloquent than whatever I pulled out of my...ear).

She asked me a few more questions, and I replied appreciatively.  The tour moved on.

I later learned that the person talking to me was Mary Sue Coleman, the President of the University of Michigan.  Woo.  I rub shoulders with all the best people around here.  You all should really adore me more.

Ok, enough of that.  Time to figure out what the heck I'm teaching tomorrow while Shelley is feeding Amelie.