Saturday, September 22, 2012

Took a day off..

Sheesh!  Take a day off blogging and the fans revolt!  :)

I headed up to Lansing to hang out with the old (emphasizing old) college crew last night, with the wife's blessing of course.  So I didn't have time to send off the limited news that we had.

Got a call from Dr. Robertson after the Tumor Review Board that was held at U-M Mott Hospital yesterday, and it was exactly as they believed they'd found.

The official diagnosis is a Medulloblastoma, and they will now officially begin scheduling the rest of the treatments.

The first thing on the list of things we're going to start battling is the surgery to install the port.

Not sure if I discussed this previously (so, so tired...), but they will surgically install a port in her chest, just below her skin, that will be used to pipe in the Chemo once we get there.  It will stay there for the entirety of her treatment, and be removed after we're given the "All Clear"...whenever that is.

I keep imagining the scene from The Matrix where Neo (Keanu) gets that information jack in the back of his head to learn all the martial arts.  I wish it were that cool.  I'd sign up for that in under 2 seconds, no matter how much pain it caused me.  Alas.

They said they'll call us on Monday(ish) and schedule the surgery and the spinal tap they'll do at the same time to ensure that the cancer hasn't jumped on the neurological highway.


ps.  Shelley is starting to feel really guilty that she hasn't started mailing out thank you cards for all the gifts that we've been receiving.  She has way, way enough to worry about, so I'm doing a blanket (we've gotten several of those too) thank you for everyone out there.

Thank you so much for all the love, support and kindness that's been shown to us.  I don't know how people without a community of some sort survive this, let alone get their kid across the finish line in one piece.

Have a good day!