Saturday, September 15, 2012

Long, Long Day...

It was a long, long day.  Lots of visitors to the hospital, I ran home to Howell to get Shelley some yarn for knitting, and big sister Anya came up for a visit.  More on all that in a second, stuff.

First up, can any of you NOT see the dog in this picture?
Shelley spotted the picture and I can't not see it.  The two blue knobs are the eyes, if you don't see it.

Next, we haven't showcased our medical good luck charm, Senor Ice Bat.  Fresh from his vacation in the Himalayas, where he was looking for his friend the Yeti.  For those who've been with my blogging since the beginning (2007, oh yeah!), you'll remember Ice bat.

Grampa Adler came down with Grammie and Anya, and showed some special love with Amelie.

Anya had a great time playing with Amie.  Her face is starting to unswell slowly but surely.

So there ya go.  Lots of love was shared, and Amelie was a tired, tired, tired little girl when it was done.

Not much else to say about today, really.  Since the news was released to FB, we've gotten flooded with love and support from all the people who have known us over the years. 

We debated for a few days about wanting it up on FB, as we didn't want it to be overwhelming.  But we decided in the end that people knowing and sending out their best wishes (in all the ways that can happen) was a net positive across the board.

Thanks again, and hope y'all are having a good night.  

Now if I can just finish grading those papers...