Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Took forever to post...want to know why?


Well, not all of us.  Anya is still at Grammies for tonight, as we wanted to get Amelie home, and in bed....and then sleep the sleep of the comatose for the night without the girls playing.

We'll work Anya into the mix tomorrow.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Today is a day of pictures and celebration.

I've never been someone who had any disdain for science, but I've never also been very interested in it. I've always been a story kind of guy...and the stories always popped up in Social Studies.  However, after this week I'd love to go take about 341342134 science classes.  Watching Amelie's brain rewire itself....literally video to video, has been amazing.  Go back and watch the video of her eating the first day.

Now watch this video.

There's only 3 days between these two videos.  Her fluidity of movement is amazing....and its only been 3 days!  I know I'm probably a little partial to my Amie, but that girl is in recovery mode!

Mema (my mother) had surgery on her foot the very same day that Amelie had hers.  So they haven't had the opportunity to come and visit.  But they made the trip from Looney Pier today to make sure they could see Ms. Amie.

With no cords to restrict her, Amelie got to go for lots of rides today.
Scrunchy Face!

...and then it was time for us to load up and head to the car!

Me and Amelie....on the way to the car
Scrunchy Face!

Group picture on the way to the car.

Amelie...all strapped in!

When we arrived home, the wife of one of my college friends (Go Michaelle!) busted into our place and cleaned up.  We hadn't expected to be gone for 8 days, and there was stink and rotten food and all sorts of nastiness going on.  She cleaned the place up, delivered a dinner and bottle of wine for us to enjoy tonight, and made us this amazing banner.

Just a close up of the left side.  Might even make this my profile pic at some point.

She also left us some organic veggies, and a present for each of the girls.

Amy Watkins, and her brood of boys, busted out their coloring skills and made us this totally awesome banner.  We had no idea we'd be getting out of there so fast, so we're going to hang it up at home.

Amie wanted to wave to everyone while she was eating her Chee-ohs.

Janell Couperthwaite (a former student) gave us 2 pints of honey that her family makes.  Bzzzz.  Bzzz.

Stefanie Halliday (my former Media Center colleague) had sent a package of books to Amie. 

There's a bunch of other things I could showcase, but I'm tired and need to schleep.

I really wanted to tell everyone how completely and overwhelmingly humbled we are by all the support we've been shown.  Between the bracelet drive, the cat pictures that are pouring in (we're going to take pictures and make a book), the letters from former students (Jesse, you made me cry at school), and everything else...  you inspire us and give us strength where we were most lacking.

We cannot possibly explain our gratitude.

With that, I bid you adieu...auf wiedersehen,  buenos noches and for Kaisa and Emma... hyvää yötä.