Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Girl, New Do!

Woo!  It's a crazy good morning over here.  I stayed up until near 2am, and then Shel took the rest of the night.  We both got over 4 hours sleep...straight!

When I returned from sleeping and showering (amazing how much that helps), I hear this totally aggravated wail.  I walk into the room and see.....AMELIE'S HAIR!

She lost her ICP valve this morning (they had clamped it last night), and then took off her gauze cap.

I'm not sure I can properly explain how filthy her head is.

  • She has had her head wrapped in gauze for 4 straight days. She is a sweaty, sweaty child.
  • She had her head washed in red anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal soap before the surgery, which has died most of her hair a strawberry blonde.  It's like a bad dye job with Manic Panic
  • She has dried blood in her hair.
  • She has dried cranial-spinal fluid in her hair. 
It has a level of funk that is quite potent.
My feet while hiking do not come anywhere near as bad as this.
We cannot get the sutures wet for a week.
I have lived with dead rotting things in my refrigerator for months on end when I lived with 12 other guys in a house, so this is no problem for me.
Shel, however, is a clean person.  She likes things to be orderly and clean.  It's kind of fun watching her wrinkle her nose at the stinky funk coming off Amie's head.

Amelie enjoys eating.  I would too if I'd been getting my food from a tube for days.

They've left the IV in her hand for the time being, but she doesn't have any fluids going in.  I think we can all agree that she looks about as close to normal as possible.  

The healing ability of the human body is amazing.  3 days ago she had brain surgery.  5 minutes ago she patted me on the back and said "Night Night", as she closed her eyes to sleep.

Scrunchy Face.  'Nuff Said.

Oh yeah, they moved us off the PICU floor, and we're now on a normal Children's floor.  WAY lfewer status checks.  She's sleeping without her Pulse Ox and blood pressure cuff.  She still has her IV lead in, but no tubes connected to it.  The only wires are the heart and respiratory leads that are still there.  

They have mentioned that we might be going home tomorrow to heal up, because she apparently has some Wolverine blood in her.  We might need to start calling her Logan.  For those of you who don't get my geeky references, I apologize.  I'm a geek.  Proud.  Forever.

The next post I'm going to put up (in a few hours) is going to have pictures of her sutures.  I am fascinated by them, but they're going to be a bit much for some...so I'm warning you now.  Heads up!