Sunday, September 23, 2012

The head stink is gone!

Greetings Everyone!

It's a lazy Sunday morning over here, and we're enjoying the really slow pace.  We're expecting things to pick back up here this week with the expected surgery, a post-op checkup with Dr. Maher, and the scheduling of the medieval torture/chemotherapy treatments that are about to begin.  Lazy sunday morning playing with Play-Doh is more than fine with me.

Amelie got the OK to take baths, so we rushed her into the tub.  The only restriction is that she can't submerge herself for a month. scuba.  I was really looking forward to giving her the bends...

But she no longer has her head stink, and is almost completely clean.  Woo!

In case you wanted to see what it looks like when a totally recovering 2 year old has a blast in the bathtub.

So U-M Children's Hospital has a department that works with kids who are undergoing medical stuff, and their siblings as well.  They gave her a doll (top right) that they attached EKG leads to, as well as bandaged her head.  This idea has blown full up with Anya, who already had a doctors kit (Fisher Price).

They were diagnosing, removing and treating the puppy for brain tumors all morning.  The red plastic thing on the right of the table is the "tumor table" where they scan it for harmfulness.

Shelley plundered the dollar store last night for cheap gauze, bandaids and tape.  It's been a great investment.

Jim and Linda Heraty sent the girls sister cats, and both of them have had quite a few medical emergencies this weekend.  This was the result of a surprise surgery.

Baby had to have emergency surgery as well.

For those of you who are slightly horrified at all this...we know that it is helping Anya come to terms with what's going on, and taking all of the scare out of the event for her.  

Amelie has no real clue, but knows that she loves playing with her big sister.

We get to breathe as the girls are playing with each other, and being totally safe.