Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birthday Party! Birthday party? Birthday party.

To start off today's post, I want to post a comic from an awesome webcomic called xkcd.  It's not for everyone, but I read it daily and it often stays with me for quite a while.  It's my kind of thing.

About a year ago, he posted this comic, and it's stayed with me since then:

When it first got posted, I sent it to my friend Matt, as he has massive heart issues and I thought he could relate.  When everything struck, I once again appreciated how perfect this is.

Anyway, today was a birthday party, and Shel and I decided that we ought not take Amelie, lest she get sick.  We made this decision yesterday.  We woke up today and found her completely snotted over...which might change the way that the week is going to go.  Ugh.

Back to the story.  Today was the party, and Anya and I went.  It was for Tristan, who was turning 1, and is supposed to be a joyous occasion.  But for about 123123413 reasons that I don't feel like disaggregating on this here blog, it was such a roller coaster.  I'm sure most of you can break apart why seeing just Anya running around at a birthday party, without Amelie, might be sad for me.  Moving along.

At the party, Anya was using the bathroom, and looked at our friends' laundry hamper.  She really enjoyed it.  She said it looked like a 'monkey cage'.  I loved that idea, and asked her if she wanted to get into it.  She did.

She was acting like an angry monkey who wanted to get out when we shot this.  

We had a really good morning, and I shot a quick video of Amelie running.

The video quality was crap due to most of the lights being off in the morning, and no real sunlight yet (they get up early, yo).  But I got the camera app up in time to get this captured.  To see her running this fast and smooth (comparatively to 10 days ago...) is great to see.  
Thought it would encourage many of you.

Off to do more planning for tomorrow's lesson in 7th grade.  I have totally gotten into the vibe of teaching 8th grade US History, but am so struggling with the 7th grade curriculum.  
I'm about to go digging into the boxes in the back of Mr. Lindsey's office.  :)

Night all...