Sunday, September 16, 2012

Here's what we are hearing from the Doctors (all 1231234123123 of them)

  • Amelie is recovering extra well from the surgery, and is completely where they want her to be post-surgery.
  • She's gone from about 9 things attached to her down to 3.  Her ICP (insane clown posse? NO!  Inter-cranial pressure!) valve, her EKG leads, and her left hand IV.
  • They are discussing removing her IV within the next day or so, because she's eating buckets of food (see previous post) and drinking as much as we'll give her (water and juice...the occasional Red Bull).
  • They are going to clamp her ICP valve tomorrow, and remove it tomorrow night, if everything stays on track. 
  • If those two things happen, she'll only have her EKG leads on..and I'm imagining those will go soon after.
  • Once the ICP valve leaves, then we're going to get kicked off the PICU floor....because she's no longer in need of intensive care. Woo!
  • We're scheduled to meet with Dr. Robertson tomorrow, who is the specialist for Chemotherapy.
  • I will not be there, because I need to go to work.  Chanda (Shel's best friend since Kindergarten) is going to be with her all day.

So there's lots of good stuff going on, and it is bright and sunny outside.  Allyssa and Beth are coming here today and bringing us lunch for us to go eat outside while they visit with Amelie.

I'll take more pictures to share later on.

...and thanks a ton for all the messages of love and support that people have been shooting our way.  It's appreciated a ton.