Friday, September 14, 2012

Sleeping, Sleeping, Sleeping

Shelley has shuffled off to sleep for a few hours, and I've been sitting here listening to Amelie snore the snores of the mighty for the last two hours.

She's doped up on all sorts of things, and sleeping quite well....'cept when they have to move her to make sure the blood isn't pooling anywhere.  Then she's back off to sleep for more restful slumber.

I just finished reading a book by John Green called "The Fault in our Stars" in which the protagonist is a teenage girl who has lung cancer, yet is surviving it.  What a....strange world in which we can read a book that in some way gets our realities ready for things to come.  But I guess that's the idea of all books, all art.  To make our experiences bigger and ready us for adventures to come.

It's a truly amazing book, btw...and I look forward to reading the rest of his books based on that one alone.

Anyway, the reason I got on this idea is that Hazel frequently says in the book, "Sleep fights cancer", but more often than not in a snarky and resistant way.  I was just standing above Amie, listening to her sleep and I was channeling the words of Hazel.

Sleep the sleep of the deep of the deep Ms. Amie.  "Sleep fights cancer!"

Thanks Hazel.