Friday, September 14, 2012

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures

Amelie is back in our room, and is sleeping like a darlin', as that's what she is.

Now, for a cavalcade of pictures, hoping to once again give me some positivity.

For those of you wondering why she looks like she just gained 22 lbs, it's because they feed her nothing but pizza, ice cream and IV fluids.  Two of those are lies.

We were asked to come down to recovery, and as we entered the ward, we heard her bellowing our names.  That's our stubborn little girl!  After being assaulted for 12 hours, she had the breath and determination to yell about the treatment she was being subjected to.  Yay for that.

This is us trying to look valiant.  It's not working so well.  We kneel to the queen of the headwraps.

I'm supposed to smile now?  How do I do that when I'm trying not to cry?  How does this work?

Baby Jumping is doing her job.

Ok all.  Maybe more later, maybe not.

It's been a long.  Long.  LONG. day.