Friday, September 14, 2012


Greetings All.

This format worked really well in getting the news out to people when Anya was born so premature, and it really and truly takes the load off of us in having to keep people up to date and keep repeating the same stories.

So here we go!

Amelie has been wobbly for the last few days.  She's been having trouble walking straight, keeping her head straight, and at times keeping herself sitting up straight. At times, she seemed totally fine. It made our warning bells go off.

We thought it might be inner ear infection or something like that, so we gave it a few days.  However, it didn't clear up, so we took her to our family Pediatrician.  They checked her out and referred her to Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor.  (brand new, nice place!)

We checked into the ER on Wednesday evening around 5pm, and started getting teams of people looking at her.  They decided they wanted to get Amelie into an MRI, but it was booked through 10am the next day.

Throughout all of this, Amelie has been an absolute gem.  She's been in great spirits, has been a total cuddlefish, and has been a trooper.  Up until this stay, she'd never left a bandaid on her body for more than a few seconds.  She has been 99% Ok with everything that's been done to her, and hasn't really complained.  The pulse Ox sensor is the only thing she dislikes....

They moved us from the ER to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) at that point.  Shel got the joy of talking to all the doctors while I went to work for Open House...have to keep that health insurance!

From there, they were in preparation mode for today.