Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Job Description for Parents?

I was talking to someone today, and I mentioned that getting puked on is probably part of an official job description for parents.

I sure haven't seen that job description, and the powers that be probably wouldn't ever want to have that job description written down, because then it would be a legal document that would be able to be argued in court.  Not to mention the crappy parents who would use it to say "I don't have to do that, it doesn't say it on here".

Nonetheless, a virtual and imaginary job description would definitely have "getting puked on" as part of it.

I say all of this because Shelley has a massive and major problem with puke.  She's had 3 pregnancies in her life, and I don't believe she's ever puked once during all of them.  She has this ability to think herself off the ledge of puking.  Breathe. Deep. Breathe.Deep.

(Edit.  Shelley said that she puked at least 10x during the 3 pregnancies.  She never told me though, as that must have been quite traumatic for her to hide that from me.)

Last night they gave Amelie the first dose of Chemo, but it happened after I left the hospital.  In a bout of total graciousness, they do it through the port/IV contraption, and avoid having to wake her up while she was sleeping.  Woo technology!

But she did wake up several times over the night, suffering from the poison that is chemo (poison that you are glad that exists, however) and asked to be rocked.  Shelley of course did so.  Amelie then puked all over Shelley.  Shelley took a deep breath (mouth away from puke of course) and took it in stride.  There's a whole lot of "growth moments" for all of us these days.

I think they will dump approximately 3 buckets of chemo into Amelie today, and then again tomorrow. Following that, they'll monitor her fluids for a day, making sure she's handling the chemo which has one part that is totally dehydrating.  Once they believe she's as OK as she's going to get, they'll release her out.  Most likely Friday night/Saturday morning.

We asked about hair loss, and they said it will start in the next two weeks.  So it looks like we're going to have a pale, sick, bald, sutured-head little kid for Halloween!  Shelley, being the saver and frugal deal master that she is can definitely work with that.  No extra charges for makeup to go as Baby Frankenstein!

Ok, enough completely wrong morbid humor for today.

I'm writing all of this on my prep at school, because I haven't seen them today.  Thus, no pictures.

I'm taking tomorrow off work to help out.  More later...  prep is almost over.  :)