Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Looking for Escapism...

No news on in this post, or at least not much.

Shelley and Amelie are on their way to the hospital right now (literally as I type this) to be admitted and start chemo.

Most likely we'll be there until Saturday morning or so.  We'll see how that goes.

Last night we got the girls into bed, and then I went out to the movies.  For those of you who know me well, you know that I love movies.  They are to me as sports are to most men.  The idea that there are great movies out there in the theaters that I haven't seen is....painful to me.  It drives me to distraction.

So I went out to go see 'Looper' last night, from a director I really enjoy.  His previous movie, Brick (available for free on Netflix!) was FANTASTIC...and such a surprise.  It's one of those movies that is so different, so shocking in how it presents itself that you just have to see more from that director.  Much like reading a John Green book for me, I just want to consume their work.

I expected Looper to be escapist fiction...it had time travel theme, and a large amount of action.  However, it took this massive turn in the 2nd act into a wholly different movie.  I did not expect where it went at all.

Before I talk more about it (and I promise not to spoil anything, as that is sacrilege), I loved the movie.

However, the primary theme in the last act (for me) was "What would you do to protect those you love?"  ....and of course, the answer is anything.  Anything.  ANYTHING.

I jumped through a portal from my life and ended up in....my life?

I was not ready for the movie, the theme, nor the ending.  I was a mess.  Good movie though.

Cameron, my good friend in New Zealand, did a great job of processing my angst and giving it form and function...and I'm here today with some sort of smile.

Amelie starts chemo today...  and here we go.