Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day three of Chemo.... Happy kid?

Things have gone really well thus far with Chemo.

I stayed last night, and she recieved her three doses of Chemo at 9p, 10p and 11p.

They hung them all on the IV stand and pumped them in through her port.  She slept through all of them.  

The tech kept coming in and waking her up to do vitals, which are the things she hates the most.  Blood Pressure cuff annoys the crap out of her.  The pulse ox lead makes her cry most times.  So yeah, pump her full of poison?  Nothing.  Attach something to her body that she sees?  Loses it.

Who knows.

Anyway, the dietician came around today and gave us some guidance regarding Amelie and what she eats over the next 6 months.  They want her eating 1.5x the calories and 1.5x the protein at all times.  They gave us incredible suggestions, and things like "Add heavy whipping cream to a smoothie.  Use ice cream too!".  It's pretty much the ideal diet for most kids.  Cookies?  Sure!  How about 2!

Amelie really likes the whole cookies at every meal thing.  Luckily, I was at Whole Foods last night (Yo Kyle and Linnie) and bought her some cookies.  Yes, they're boughten, but she seemed to like them.

Now, for my first complaint about this place.  They don't have high chairs.  

When we were first here three weeks ago, they found one "in the garage", wherever that is, but it took two days for them to get it after we requested it.  We've been waiting on it again for two DAYS.  So I make sure Shel and Amie were good, and then I drove to freaking IKEA and bought a cheap plastic high chair.

I totally don't understand how you can have an entire wing of rooms for kids, and not have at least one high chair on every floor...  Really?  I know that most of the peds kids here are older than our little girl, but what the heck...does everyone just eat in bed and live in their food?

Our little girl is so out of sorts when we give her food in bed.  We would NEVER do that at home.  The kids eat at the table, and nowhere else....and now we're giving her pudding in bed?  Really?

Anyway, we have one now and that is solved.  It breaks down in 30 seconds, and I can carry it back out to the car for next time.  Whatever.

One last thing...  This post should push me past 30,000 page views for the blog.  I cannot even possibly understand that number.  Unless there's one of you sitting there pressing refresh a 1,000 times a day, we're humbled by those of you keeping up with Amie's (unwanted) adventures.  Thanks for that support, it really means the world to us.