Thursday, October 11, 2012

Form of...

Does that title spark any memories for any of you?

It does for Shelley and I.

We are the Wonder Twins... or at least we aspire to be most days.  Thus far, we haven't had many days where we hit emotional potholes at the same time.  We do a seriously adequate (not raising any bars here) job at pumping each other up, filling each others buckets when we hit a snag/bottom/obstacle.

Last night was mine, tonight was Shel's.

Amelie looks like a bag of hot, tired mess.  She's still the shiny happy baby we love the crap out of...but when I just moved her from the Pack n' Play in our master bedroom (where she falls asleep) to the girl's bedroom (where she sleeps the rest of the night), she was sweaty and feverish.  But it's not the big one yet.  She's only at 99 degrees.

The magical number is 100.4.  When she hits 100.4, they want us to call....and soon after get in the car to head on down.

Unfortunately for us tonight, we only have this thermometer that slides across the forehead, beeping like mad.  It's worked great for us since Anya's baby shower.  However, its quirky and not exactly accurate.

So we ordered a new one through Amazon Prime, and we'll get it tomorrow.  It's one of the fancy schmancy inner ear ones.  We need precision.  :)

Shel keeps telling me that a "good blog" needs "great pictures".  I didn't take any pics of Anya or Amelie today.

So, as a way of saying goodnight tonight, I have a picture of Amelie sitting in a paint bucket that's filled with water.  We did this all summer.  Filled up the buckets, and played outside.

Night all.  Go hug your kids.  Or call them if they're currently out of hugging range.

For you kids out there who are not possessing your own kids, call your parents.  K?  K.