Saturday, October 13, 2012

Whatchoo mean I can't post videos?

Hmm...  as of yesterday, there's a new restriction of what you can post with Blogger using the hospital's internet connection, and I can't embed pictures or videos into the blog due to that filter.  I think I might need to go learn to use those bypass programs that I used to hear the kids talking about at school.

So, if you want to see those things, I'll drop links to them.

For example, we shot a really sweet and nice video of Amelie this morning.  She's chattering away, much like a certain big sister.

So, if you want to see it, you'll have to click on that bit of text that is a different color above.  Same with pictures.

If you want to see this picture or that picture, you'll have to click on the word this and that from the beginning of the sentence.  Make sense?  Good.

(I can't help teaching.  I really can't.  There might be one person out there who doesn't know what a hyperlink is, and I must educate them.  I can't control myself)

As an official thing, we're here until mid-week at the very least.  We met with Dr. Yannick, the bone marrow doc who is overseeing the stem cell harvest, whenever Amelie is healthy enough to do the harvest.

Go watch the video.  She's a cute kid, and is at her cutest this morning.  We love seeing that, as its a signal for us that she's bouncing back a bit.

...or maybe she's just the cutest zombie that we've ever seen.  The Walking Dead does restart this weekend... ya never know.