Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday Stuff...Part 1.

In case you haven't picked this up yet, Amelie is a charmer.  She endears herself to all the staff here like it's her job.  Today has been yet another series of times that Amie charmed the pants off of those who took care of her.

But I am at the end.  I need to rewind to the beginning.

I slept here last night, and it was a great...GREAT night.  We were largely left alone, and everyone got to sleep tons.  Amelie probably had...  9 hours of sleep last night.  That's awesome.

She woke up, and was in a great mood.  In the picture below, you can see her wearing the birthday hat that Shelley knit a while ago.  Amelie isn't very fond of it, right now, but she tolerated it enough for the picture.

Amelie came out of anesthesia from the port with no problems at all.  None.  So maybe last time was a fluke.  We'd like to hope so.  It was great...even if she looks like she spent the night out drinking Bourbon because of all the fluids they're pumping into her.

When we came to get her, we didn't see Baby Jumping, so of course we were worried.  Maybe she jumped too far this time?  But they wrapped her up special and put her under the blanket. Even better, they popped her head out the hole...because babies need air to breathe...right?

This is the machine they use for the Stem Cell harvesting.  It's the first thing we've seen here that doesn't look brand new.  But that makes sense because they took us all the way to the other side of the hospital for the procedure...just past the cafeteria.  It was a hike.  The machine looks like something that was sitting in Vault 13, for those of you who are down with my references.

I absolutely loved seeing a stack of Biohazard buckets.  I love the idea that they are so hardcore in the Apheresis clinic that they use buckets instead of Sharps bins.  They go hard in the paint.

We got back to the room and found this wonderful arrangement of homemade cupcakes.  The Doctor (her name is Emily) baked them herself, and they really are home baked.  None of that boughten desert for our daughter's birthday.  Yeah!  :)

They also made her a card, and it was really cool....even though Shelley insists that we spell "Amie" with an "ie" instead of an "i".  She has some nightmarish associations, apparently, with the other spelling. 

There's more to talk about, and more to write about...but we're waiting to see what the results of the harvesting turn out to be to talk more.  Woo!