Friday, October 5, 2012

"You never know. Sometimes these little ones can really surprise you"

Those were the words of our Pediatric Oncologist tonight, when we mentioned that we'd successfully made it through the easiest of the 6 chemo rounds.  She replied that, "You never know.  Sometimes these little ones can really surprise you."  So those are our hopeful words of the moment.

We totally realize that it could go much longer, but owning the idea of 6 makes it seem able to be defeated.  We like 6 as a number.  Dice.  Months in half a year.  Half a dozen.  Half an hour.

So, a funny story about Shel before I go into photo extravaganza.  Shelley (and her family) locks everything.   They lock car doors, house doors, screen doors...  they think about locking, and worry about locking, and recheck the locks.  They're not dysfunctional or OCD about it, but they lock things.
I do not lock things, even when I lived in Flint.  I figure that people might need my crap more than I need it, and if so, they can have it.  ...and at least I won't have a broken window that way.  I frustrate Shelley with my lack of locking.

With all that being said, Shelley left her freaking window wide open in the parking ramp for almost 3 days straight.  She just didn't think about it.  Wide open, GPS device was still there, and nothing missing.  I imagine it's just not something that happens there...or at least not that much.  She was horribly embarrassed when I told her.  :)   Ahhh, stress.

Yesterday, Anya came up to the hospital. 
We both like playing crazy picture games...  with our crazy faces.

But we can also be sweet and do traditional FB self-portraits.

 Yes, A Strzalkowski does live here...

....and you best step off if you're not ready with baby.  She matters more than you could imagine.

They do a lot of medical play at Mott.  It's cool stuff to see how much the kids love it.

...and finally we checked out, and headed home.

More than anyone else, Amie was ready.

More tired I've got double vision.  Wish it was for other reasons.