Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chemo starts today! 6:34p.... No chemo yet!

I'm sure that the gentle art of patience will come more easily to me after a while. Really.  Right now?  Seething annoyance...

But as of right now, Shel's been in the hospital since 11am, didn't get into room until 3pm, and we still haven't gotten the chemo treatment.

We heard from nurse that there was a bunch official hoops she had to run though, with blood tests. She passed all those tests, and she's on track to start tonight. Around 8p.

PThe first thing is Vincristine. Wicked stuff, but apparently it gets delivered in 5 minutes. Cisplatin takes 6 hours.

Anyway, she's now hooked up w her port and getting all her liquids shot in that way. It's curiously cool.

Shel asked them to see a pre-implanted port, so they brought us one.

I used my "good" thumbnail to offer context.  My "bad" nail looks like an angry raccoon gnawed on it for a few hours and I didn't want to upset my internet constituency.

So that's implanted directly in the middle of her chest.  I haven't taken a picture of it yet, as it was covered with a bandage until last night.  If I can get a shot of it, I will...for posterity and those who wish to wallow in the gross-out stuff.

Also, her sutures in her head seem to be dissolving.  What a strange thing to see them one day, not look for a few days, and see a wound that's all closed up and no sutures.  It's MAGIC!  I love that someone is using their magical noodley appendages on the back of my daughter's head.  I'd like teleportation if anyone is handing out spells.  Although I don't want the lame 5th level one, but without error at 7th.

More geek humor.  Check back tomorrow for more of it!

I forgot to go to a staff meeting today.  Oops.  That wasn't good.  But it was honest, and I didn't ditch.  I am just a bit...preoccupied.  Ya know?