Saturday, October 27, 2012

Short term vs. long term...

I'm writing this post from Lansing, Michigan.

For those of you who are geography buffs, you'll notice that Ann Arbor and Lansing are not exactly kissing cousins.  You win the prize!

I've been in a really strange headspace for a bit, and got an unexpected invitation to hang out with college friends tonight, and begged Shelley to take advantage of it.

My brain keeps bouncing between short term and long term goals.  I know that in the short term, what I need to do is to keep Amelie and Shelley on the straight and narrow, the supported place that they need to be.  In the long term, I need to keep myself sane, and make sure that I'm sane myself, and that I can keep them strong.

So today, I've kinda focused on me....keeping myself sane.  I went to see a movie, came back to the hospital, and then went up to Lansing for the evening.  The rest of the gang is sitting in the other room watching "VHS" right now....a reported "scary" movie.  I've never really been into them, and don't really get scared by them.  Right now?  My life is pretty much hovering around in a scary movie, so I don't need any more.  K?  K.  :)      <absolutely no regrets for those of you watching it right now>

So where does that leave me?  Eating a slice of pineapple pizza and wishing you all well.  We're climbing up on 50,000 page views, and I once again wanted to thank all of you who are reading my chaotic ramblings for all the attention, prayers, good vibes, gifts, and everything else I haven't mentioned.

We're doing as well as we can, considering...and it's a consistent comfort knowing we can rely on those who have reached out and offered things.  Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts.  :)