Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Took another night off of the blog last night so that I could spend 2 hours on the phone calling parents....parents of students who are failing badly.  
Yes, I had enough to take me more than 2 hours.....from just 1st and 2nd hour.  
That was fun. 

Tomorrow we're heading back to the hospital, as we're going to start Chemo:  Round 2.  
I wish that was as fun as going to see Rambo 2, or Lord of the Rings part 2, or even RoboCop 2.  
Nope.  None of those.

Amelie loves cats.  As shown by the overwhelming generosity of the presents that y'all showed me, you know that.  Grammie, however, wanted to take a step up and make Amie look gorgeous and showcase her love of cats.  So she made this dress for her.  It's awesome, don't you agree?

Anya had told me to make sure I came straight home from work today, as they had a special dinner planned for me.  I came in and it was decorated extra "spooky".  I use this word because Amelie kept saying "spooky" to me, as well as "surprise" and  "brains".

I love post-apocalyptic fiction.  LOVE IT.  Walking Dead?  Yep.  Charlie Higson and James Maberry zombie books?  WOo!  Comix, TV shows, movies, books.  Give me more.  Shelley of course knows this, and so does Anya.  They made me brain brownies.  Yes, I have an awesome wife.

They also bought me a fake brain, possibly to lure off the zombies in case the invasion starts tomorrow. I'm really hoping it doesn't though.  That would suck.

Anya was ready for me to return from work. 
 As you can see, she is loving up her Hello Kitty as she waits.

Amelie is rarely still.  She is a girl who moved.  Note how clean she is.  Bath times are good stuff.

Grammie didn't rest with the dress, but made a bib too.  

Shelley made skull ice cubes.  Yes, she went the whole way with dinner tonight.  SPOOKY!

Shelley has embraced the goodness that is Google Docs.  I love it.
For those of you in the medical field, here are Amelie's blood numbers since we started.  She's doing good, eh?
And now for the coup de gras....

It thought this video was Uh-May-Zing.  I hope you do to.  Night.