Monday, October 8, 2012

I'll be honest...

...I've not much to say tonight.

I got off from work, got an oil change (a bazillion miles since the last one), went to pick up Anya from school at 4:15p, got home by 4:30p.  Amelie was fading fast towards bed by 5:45.

I didn't get to spend much time with the girls at all tonight, as they immediately started playing together, and they're never really that interested in us parents once that starts.  It's a blessing to us most days, but sometimes you DO want to spend a bit of time with your kids.  Scary idea for some of you, I know.  :)

Not sure if we've talked about this in a while, but we're giving Amelie a nightly shot of some gook that is helping her build up her stem cells.  They'll be harvesting them next week, and the shots help her get big and least in her blood.  Amelie has been a heckuva trooper through it.  She cries, sure... but she calms down as soon as we're done, and we clap for her and she likes that.

So...Anya drew this picture last night.  We have these templates of Matryoshka that I used in my 6th grade class last year, and she loves drawing these little triptychs with a common theme.

Last night was a much like most of them, at first glance.  It has Amie, Anya and Mommy.  I get the boot of course...stinky boy that I am.

However, when you look closer at the lower level triptych, it's amazing.  She's got Amelie losing her hair, and still smiling through it.  I swear to you, we did not influence these in the least, excepting for the conversations that we've been having prepping Anya for her losing her hair sometime soon.

As you can see, as each picture is progressing, she has less hair.  But notice also that she's holding her hair that has fallen out (she's a clean girl who likes to clean up, clean up...everybody every where), as well as smiling.  I love this picture.

Finally, there's this video that Shelley shot today.  Amelie wanted to provide her bonafides to her love for Play-Doh apparently...

In case you don't know, you can press the [ ] looking boxes at the bottom right of the video box to make it go full screen.  It's worth it.  :)

As you can see, it's amazing.  She's amazing.  Not much else I can say to follow that bit of goodness up.

Night all!