Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hospital, Day 4.

Firstly, an update is needed.  I haven't blogged in about 36 hours...

Amelie isn't eating anything, nor drinking anything...but that fact doesn't seem to bother anyone around here.  She's on constant IV fluids, which contains I guess she's ingesting enough basic calories to survive, but I've got to believe that at some point, her not eating is going to become a problem.  I'm surprised someone hasn't marketed this as the new weight loss fad...  New South Cisplatin Diet Plan!  Only $29.99 a month!

Amelie is receiving the last of her chemo drugs at this very second, and will be released sometime tomorrow barring anything crazy from happening.  She's going to be on IV fluids for 10 hours a day at home, so she's leaving the hospital with her port accessed (needle still in), and Shelley is being trained on how to deal with all of that.  Sheesh.  

She'll be back on Wednesday for a blood draw, more chemotherapy, and then possible transfusions after they check out her blood.  Since we're not working towards the stem cell harvest, we have a good chance of staying out of the hospital for a little bit.  We'd like that, even though these people are incredibly nice to us.  :)

On the Anya front, Anya is busy helping Grammie to get ready for fall.  Its time to clean the fairies at the Adler household.  Anya was reported to have been a massive help in that regard.  Yay help!

...and finally, our mystery.  I received this posterboard yesterday at school, but it didn't have a note as to who it was from.  The postmark said New Hampshire, and listed the 6th grader who had made it.  We don't know anyone in New Hampshire.  If you sent this to us, will you take a second and email me to let me know who you are?  I really want to thank you for your incredibly hard work.  :)

We put the posterboard in her crib, as you can see. She spent an hour looking at it last night and seemed to really like it.

I have more to post, but I need to go help them walk.  Walk. Walk! WALK!   Yes, Amelie loves to do laps around the ward.  :)